Top 9 Productivity Methods to Achieve your Goals

Without having a proper productivity method, you might not be able to achieve your goals. Whether you are running a multinational company or a business on a really small scale you need to have a system with some rules that everyone will follow to achieve everyday goals.

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You don’t have to leave your today’s project or work on the next day that somehow you will complete it tomorrow when you are able to do it on the very same day. This is how laziness takes over you when you don’t have productivity rules for yourself and for the staff of your company as well.

Even if you are working alone on something important you must have few rules that you don’t even dare to break. How about you apply one of the productivity methods just to deal with the work before their deadlines?  

Productivity methods to get things done:

Time is money only if you utilize it in a proper manner. If you don’t want to waste your time in idol tasks or you don’t have a proper system of organizing everyday tasks then it would be better you start applying one of the productivity methods that we are going to discuss here now:

1. Single-tasking

If you are the person who does multitasking and, in the end, you left with the bulk of work but why? How about you start prioritizing your work and make a list of every single task you need to work on every single day.

First, make a list according to the importance of every single task. If you knew which work needs to be done first you will be able to focus on a single task completely and once you are done with that, you can deal with the other one.

In this way, you will be able to do every task every single day and, in the end,, you will be able to feel satisfied with your work quality.  

2. Pomodoro technique

You might get frustrated and your team as well if you don’t take any break at all. Well, work and time both are important and you must complete your work on time but if you keep focusing on the work you might lose all your creativeness and energy.

If you want to stay active and you want your staff to have the same energy, they come with every day in the morning then you must apply this productivity method. You need to start making a list of tasks and then you can break up every task with a time limit.

If you are going to work on a project that consists of different parts then you must break every part into a time block and you must complete it in that time limit like 25 minutes for every single party then after completing 4 you can take a long break.

After coming back from the break everyone will be able to focus on work with more energy and creativeness.

3. Personal Kanban

If you are a lazy person and you always leave your work for tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes then how about you start writing your tasks? Well, once you write your tasks you won’t forget them and then you will know you are going to deal with them on the same day.

You just need to write everything you need to do every day so you don’t forget it and once you know that things need to get done on time you won’t get lazy either.

4. Getting things done

If you have clear objectives for your work then you will be able to complete your work on time. You need to focus on the objectives and how your commitment to your work will help you to attain your goals.

If you are working on different projects and you are leading the whole group then you must write down every single project with every little detail. You must have the confidence of leading everyone and you must know how to control crucial situations and how you are going to manage to complete multiple tasks at once.

5. Zen to Done

This productivity method is all about your habits, how you complete your work and how many tasks you can complete in a single day. Well, you need to write the three most important tasks on your priority list for the day.

You won’t be able to do everything in a single day so you need to work on important tasks first. After completing the three tasks you can work on others if you are left with enough energy or otherwise make a list of other three important tasks that you need to work on tomorrow.

6. Organize tomorrow today

Sometimes you want to work on multiple things but never get enough time for them. It is time to start writing them in your notebook. If you don’t have a proper method to complete your tasks in a day then you are never going to have enough time for anything extra.

At the end of the day when you are relaxed and have enough time, you must write the things you need to do first the very next day. Whether it is going to be office work or housework or whether you want to do something creative you need to write everything down. You need to start organizing your tomorrow at the end of the present day.

7. Eat that frog

If you don’t have enough self-motivation and confidence in yourself then how are you going to tackle difficult situations? Before doing anything you must know in yourself that you can do it and it will happen only if you are confident about yourself.

You need to focus on your work habits first, how you deal with different work tasks and what you do in crucial situations? Once you know your weaknesses you will be able to work on them and it will help you a lot to complete your everyday to-do list in a more convenient way.

8. Don’t break the chain

If you are a person who always makes a list for everyday tasks but some of the times you fail to complete your list then you must start applying this productivity method. You might have understood the meaning of it just by reading its name.

Once your daily task list has been made you need to start working on it. You need to organize that task list so that you get free time for rest but don’t get too lazy and never allow the thought of completing any task tomorrow to cloud your energy. You must now break the chain of doing everything on time.

9. The checklist manifesto

Have you ever made a checklist before going shopping and grocery shopping so you don’t forget anything? Well, this is how the checklist manifesto works. You need to write all the tasks you need to work on.

Once you are done with a task you need to tick mark it on the manifesto. It will help you to focus on a certain task and once you are done with it you will be able to work on the second one on the list. With this method, things never get messed up.

How to choose the best productivity method?

You might get confused while choosing the best productivity method for arranging your daily task list because you might get a vibe that every productivity method, we talked about above is the same. Well, every productivity method we have mentioned above will have a different impact on your work schedule than how you are going to select the best one for yourself?

Well, here are few things that will help you to choose one of the best productivity methods that will only help you to deal with the list of your daily tasks in a better way so you don’t have to leave any work for tomorrow:

Pick a method

What do you think of what type of person you are? If you are the one who wants to prioritize your tasks then Single-tasking is the method but if you want to get things done then you have started to focus on creating a system of your own. You need to choose the method according to your personality traits.

Try it

Once you choose a method you need to stick to it for at least 30 days and if you still think that method doesn’t suit your personality you can change it but after 30 days.

Get settle and then customize it

If you think you have found the perfect productivity method for yourself but you need to do a few changes that you customize it a little bit for your ease.

Final Words:

We talked about 9 productivity methods above all of them will only help you organize your work in a better way. If you don’t have proper management or organized tasks you are not going to achieve your goals anytime sooner.

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