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Alexa Cuartin

Work can be overwhelming. Is this the understatement of the year? It might as well be. We spend our day constantly pacing through the office, checking our mail, multitasking through lunchtime, and running from one meeting to the next one. And now, repeat.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Sure, your busy work schedule won’t be changing any time soon, but you will have a way to truly manage your time in a way that works for you.

Forget about forgetting things ever again

Focusing on trying to remember what you need to do next can truly be an energy drainer. Let this be in the past. By using Instagantt, you can free yourself from trying not to forget your tasks and you can really start focusing on reaching your daily goals.

Instagantt: Gantt Chart Example Step 1

Plan realistically for your week and your month

Keep an overview of your tasks. By logging your activities, you can understand what you can realistically accomplish in a specific period of time, and truly focus your resources on getting things done effectively.

Instagantt allows you to keep track of all your projects, tasks and goals in one place. Save time by keeping a clear to-do set of tasks. Schedule all of your meetings and follow-up actions, so you won’t ever miss a deadline again. For every task in a project, you can set a start and a due date, write a basic description, add attachments, and simply manage every aspect of it. Calculate the progress of your project by adding daily subtasks, and live through the joy of 100% accomplishing a goal.

Take control of your time

Motivate yourself by seeing and keeping track of your accomplished tasks, and get a clear gaze at what you need to do during the next couple of days, and the week after. Seeing what you have already accomplished and knowing how long it took you will help you greatly when planning ahead.

Take control of your time; manage your daily schedule in a way that genuinely works for you. A more organized you leads to a more productive you. We truly believe in this.

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