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How to Use the Automatic Project Scheduling Feature

Automatic Project Scheduling

If you are a fan of dependencies, then you are in for a treat.

Dependencies are great when managing projects, especially larger ones. They make sure you follow a proper and logical order when managing your tasks, allowing you to define what comes first and what comes after, and which tasks need to be completed before others.


Automatic Project Scheduling is a feature that will make it so much easier to build your projects by saving you precious time. All you need to do is establish your tasks’ duration (Working Days column) and dependency order for your multiple tasks (DPD column). And, by adding the initial date of the first task, your Gantt chart will be automatically built before you even get a chance to blink!


It’s truly amazing. Your tasks will be connected in order, making sure your project is being carried out in the most proper, logical way. Here's how to do it: