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Users and Members: Definition and Differences

Users and Members

What's a User?

So, let’s talk basics. A User, by any means, is an individual using Instagantt by having provided an email address that's associated with their Instagantt account. As a user, you will have access to view and manage your projects in real time. So, in general, a user is a person who has an Instagantt account to manage projects and create gantt charts.

What's a Member?

A Member, is a user that's part of the Members list of a workbook or a subscription. So, the following question would be, what's the difference between being a Member of a workbook and a Member of a subscription?

Subscription Members

On Instagantt Standalone, after the 7-day trial ends, every user will need to upgrade their accounts to keep using the software. That means each of them will need to be part of a Subscription.

A member of a subscription is a user added to the members list of a subscription, owned by them or by another user, which means the user has a license assigned, allowing them to work on their projects as an upgraded user. A subscription can contain users from many different workbooks from different accounts and will have as many unique users as unique users there are in the different workbooks. A subscription member can either be a member of a workbook or not. There are different types of subscription members:

  • Owner: usually the user who purchases the subscription and licenses. The Owner has the total ability to manage the subscription and designate Admins.
  • Admin: designated by the Owner, it's a user that can manage the subscription.
  • Regular user: a user that doesn't have special permissions to manage the subscription.

The Members list of a subscription can be found on "My Profile" -> "Subscription Settings" -> "Members". Only subscription Owners and Admins will have access to this section. Here's how you can get there:

Workbook Members

A member of a workbook is a user invited to collaborate in said workbook. A user can create or be invited to collaborate in many workbooks (as many as they want, there's no limit, yay!) and to be able to access the projects, they'll need to be part of a subscription. This means a member of a workbook will always need to be a member of a subscription. Workbooks also have different types of members:

  • Owner: the user who created the workbook. This user will be the only user that can Archive the workbook and request the transfer of it to another user.
  • Admin level: designated by the Owner, it's a user that can invite other users to collaborate on that workbook and can view and access the Settings tab of the workbook.
  • User level: a user that doesn't have special permissions to invite other users to collaborate, nor does have permissions to access the workbook Settings tab.

The Members list of a Workbook can be found on "Projects" -> "Members". Here's how to get there:

Note: being one type of user on a workbook won't automatically make that user the same type of user on the subscription, and vice versa.