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Table View

Table View

In project management, it is often necessary to check the list of tasks in a comprehensive way, to understand every aspect of the project that needs to be handled in an efficient way. Being aware of this, we’ve developed a new feature to help you with that part of the job! So drumroll…we present you with Table View!

Table View is the newest view we’ve developed to help track every column of your project, and yes! It includes all active custom fields too! With this view, you can check an extended view of the same task list you’ve always seen in Gantt view, but with much more detail. We hope this new view can help teams all over the world have a better understanding of the project's needs and more critical columns or tasks, simplifying the way you can check and filter the task list of the project, as the Gantt chart won’t be crowding up the screen in that view. 

Here's how Table View looks:

And here, you can see how you can manage custom fields in Table View:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is currently available only on Instagantt Standalone. For the avoidance of doubt, this feature is not available in Instagantt for Asana.