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Instagantt | Learn how to add users Time off or Vacation periods!

Users Time Off

All workers need some time off work from time to time, so they may ask for a vacation period or days off to their management. Those workers may be users in your Instagantt projects so you will need to enter that time off to account for it on your schedules and planning, avoiding potential delays in your tasks, that could eventually impact the end date of your project.

That's why in Instagantt is now possible to add users Time Off! This feature will block the schedule of a particular user over the period of time they'll be out of the office, so you can consider that in the planning stage of your project. Your project already had most or all tasks scheduled and someone asked for time off? Don't worry, you'll be able to enter time off or vacation periods even after everything is scheduled! The time off will be hatched on the Gantt chart and workload views, that way you can easily check if there's any task that may need adjusting.

However, there are some things you'll need to consider when adding time off or vacation periods for your users:

  • Vacation periods and/or time off of a user will be applied to all the projects of that workbook.
  • If the schedule of a task assigned to more than one user matches or overlaps with the time off of at least one of the assignees, then the time off will apply for all the assignees of that task.
  • Tasks that match a vacation period (in full or partially) will have an adjusted duration equal to the number of days the assignee will be available.
  • This feature is only available for Instagantt Standalone users, Instagantt for Asana doesn't have this feature available.

How to set Time Off for a user

Here's how it works: similarly to setting holidays, go to your Gantt chart and right-click on an empty space for the date in which the vacation period starts. A new dialog will open where you'll be able to enter a description, such as "User 1 Vacation", and the user who will be out of the office. You'll also be able to adjust the dates of the vacation period, if it's only one day, then the start and end date should be the same. You'll notice that as soon as you confirm the vacation period, the days will be hatched on all the tasks assigned to that user (and in workload view!).

See it in action:

Did you notice how the workload changed at the bottom of the screen? Watch it again to see it adjust!

Manage Time Off

We know that sometimes the vacation periods may change, due to a request from the user, needs of the organization or any number of other reasons. In that case, you'll be able to go to Projects, then Settings and head over to the Time Off tab, where you'll be able to manage existing vacation periods and even add new ones from there too! Here's how to access that section: