Instagantt University
Workbooks: A Quick Definition


In Instagantt (Standalone version), a workbook is a collection of one or more projects. It is the place where all of your Gantt charts will reside. 

You will find the mission control center of your workbook on the left side of your chart. The menu is where you can select on which collection of projects you want to work on. Your workbook will provide the perfect structure to keep all of your projects in a single list.

You can also have more than one workbook. In order to create a new workbook, head over to Projects on the left sidebar, click on the drop down menu and select + New workbook. A dialogue will appear and you will then be asked to name your new workbook. Once you click on Create, your new workbook will be ready for Gantt chart action. Here's how you can do it:

Also, by heading over to Settings, you can easily control and manage your workbook titles, members for each of your projects, resources and more!

Permissions & Access

In Instagantt, permissions to access your projects are granted at a Workbook level. That means that inviting someone to collaborate on a workbook will give that user access to the collection of projects contained by that workbook, and those users will have the ability to modify all of them.