Instagantt University
What Are Resources and How to Add Them


In Instagantt (gantt chart software), a resource can be seen as a tag element used for scheduling purposes only. A resource is not a user or a guest since it will not have access to view the project. Also, a resource is not associated with an email address, therefore it won’t receive any email notifications when added to a certain task or project.

What is a resource?

So what is a resource, when it comes to the point? Here are a few ways you can use resources when managing your projects in Instagantt:

A resource can be a whole department (Engineering).

A resource can be a company name (Instagantt).

A resource can be a job role (Front End Developer).

A resource can be a contract asset (Freelance copywriter).

To view existing resources on a project, simply go to Settings and head over to the Resources section. To add a new resource, be sure you fill the Resource name field and click on Create. To delete a resource, hover your cursor over the resource you want to remove and click the trash icon.