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Kanban Board View, the best option to easily manage your tasks

Kanban Board View

The way you visualize information has always been our main concern, and now, we’re excited to release our new Board view, which will allow you to visualize your project’s information in a Kanban-style view.  

Visualizing your tasks in a Kanban system will allow for increased productivity and effectiveness, mainly because your team will be more focused as they gain better visibility of the work that is in progress. As they become aware of what needs to be done first, contributors will focus on moving the task along before continuing onto the next task. Also, the simplicity of a Kanban-style view enables teams to spot bottlenecks in a much efficient way.

This is a view only available in our Standalone version, Instagantt for Asana doesn't have a Kanban Board view because Asana already includes it.

How to Access Board View

To access the new view, simply select the Board option from the top menu. You will instantly see a different layout that will rapidly display your work in columns. You can choose between displaying your information by Status or Sections.

Grouping by Status or Sections

When grouping by status, your columns will be divided, by default, as follows: Pending, Started, Done, and Approval Requested. Your tasks will be grouped below each column, and as you make progress on them, you can then move the card along to the next column (which you can achieve by simply dragging and dropping cards across the board.

You can also group your information by sections, which will simply display your project’s sections with their specific tasks listed below. This new layout not only provides a quick display of your work status and who is assigned to each task, but it also gives you the option to add new tasks and prioritize them. And, as you create and re-organize your tasks, the changes your make will become visible in your Gantt chart project view right away.

Filters and Other Options

While on the Kanban Board View, you may need to filter tasks to check only certain ones! In Instagantt you can easily add filters to your columns and even apply more than one at the same time!

There are other options you can set to customize the view even more, which are located at the top right corner of the view. You can choose between showing attached images and status of the tasks and even customize the statuses for your tasks!

Board view now comes with some enhancements too! We've changed the way in which subtasks are displayed, to simplify the view, so that you can better understand the tasks' status at a glance.

Now you'll see that subtasks are included inside their parent task, which can be easily collapsed or expanded to have a more disaggregated view, or a global view with all the details. For this, we've included arrows in each of the parent tasks, which can be clicked to show or hide the subtasks, and also a Subtasks button, where you can choose to collapse or expand them all. Yay for simplicity!

Get a Quick Overview of Your Tasks

Board view also allows you to quickly create and rename your sections or to move tasks from one section to another. By clicking on a card, you can choose to update the progress of a task, and select, add or change assignees, and enter estimated hours information next to each assignee, which will automatically reflect on your Gantt chart project view.