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Save Filtered Views with Segments!


In project management, being on top of everything that needs to be done can be quite exhausting! That's why filters play a crucial part in project management, as filters allow you to create custom views of your chart, only considering certain parameters that could be more important for your project than others.

And since Instagantt aims to facilitate project management, we are very excited to offer our newest feature: Segments. Segments allow you to create custom filtered views, with one or more filters applied and save them, so you can later on load them with no extra effort. Cool, right?

Here's how it works: head to your project and start customizing the view with filters on the columns' headers. Once you've finished, go to the Segments section and click "Save active filters", add a name to your new Segment and that's it!

After creating the Segment, on the same menu, you can clear it, re-enable it or even delete it, if you feel you won't be needing that view anymore. Do you feel like trying it already!?