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Learn How to Create and Share Public Snapshots

Public Snapshots

As a project manager, you will sometimes be asked (by clients, stakeholders or other teams) to share the current status of your project. Luckily, Instagantt makes it very simple to share your Gantt progress.

Public Snapshots are a shareable read-only view to your Gantt chart. They are the easiest way to share your project status since they don’t require email validation, which makes them perfect for sharing with external people, such as clients or stakeholders.

Here’s how you can share a Public Snapshot:

1. Click the Export & Share option located in the upper left corner of your project and select Public Snapshots from the list. You can also select which columns to include and whether or not you wish to include assignee information. Once you click on Create, you will be provided with a URL that you can simply share.

You will notice that once you create a public snapshot, you can choose to share a Direct Link, which will load the current snapshot of your project or to share a Master Link, which will always load the newest snapshot of your Gantt chart. Keep in mind that the Master Link doesn't auto update, you will need to create a new Public Snapshot in order to update it! You won't need to share the link again, only create a new snapshot and close the dialog once it asks you to share the link.

Share Public Snaphot

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