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Add New Tasks on Workload View!

New Task Button in Workload View

We know that in some projects, Workload View is a key view to check and manage how loaded your team is with work. That's why we've included a New Task button on that view! So you can now easily create week-long tasks with just a few clicks. It's so simple you'll be amazed.

Head over to Workload View and locate the + New Task button. Click on it and you'll immediately notice that a blue bar will appear. The task by default will be a week-long task (the length will depend on the working days you've set for your weeks). Place the bar where you'd like to schedule the task and click. A dialog will open to let you choose the section and the name of the new task. Enter that info and click "Create task" and voilà! You've got your task scheduled.

But then, we may need a shorter or longer task than the default week length you get when creating it. Don't worry! We got that covered. To modify the length of your task, place your cursor over the right or left edge of your task, you'll notice an arrow will appear. Click and drag the arrow to shorten or enlarge the duration of the task and you'll be all set. Then you can add more info on the details pane, or even turn it into a milestone! See how it works:

The New Task button is available in all Workload Views in Instagantt Standalone, even in folders! In Instagantt for Asana, the only exceptions where the button is not available are Groups of Users (Team Workload) and My Tasks in Asana.