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Inbox for New Comments

New Comments Inbox

We all know that staying on top of your tasks is crucial for your projects’ development, and sometimes, comments can play a critical role in that! This is why we’ve developed a new feature on our Standalone version, which will notify you when there are new comments on your tasks, by showing a beating comment icon next to your task! 

With this new addition, you will always know if other team members have commented on any of the tasks of the project that involve you, so you can take action when needed, without the overhead of having to look for them task by task. Hurray!

Additionally, to make it even easier for you, a New comments Inbox has been added to the top toolbar, so you can easily check it and go to the tasks with the most relevant comments for you. That way, you can browse the list of comments and go to the ones that interest you effortlessly! And to avoid the annoying part of notifications, you can also clear all comments if you see that none of them are relevant for your work. Awesome, right?

Here’s how it works:

Please note that the new comment icon and notification on the New comments Inbox will only appear when the comment was made by a user other than you. For comments made by yourself, no notification or icon will appear!

Ready to try it? Start commenting on your tasks and with this new feature we will let your teammates know about it immediately, saving time and effort for you and your team.

Important note: for the avoidance of doubt, this feature is only available on Instagantt Standalone, not on Instagantt for Asana.