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How to Duplicate Your Projects With Just One Click

Duplicate Projects

Instagantt allows you to easily duplicate existing projects. Why create a new project from scratch when you can easily use one you already have? This is a great option that helps you save time by using existing projects as templates when setting up new ones.

To duplicate a project, simply click the Duplicate Project button located in the toolbar at the top of your chart. Select the Workbook (this option will only appear in the Standalone version), name your new project, choose the start date and click on Duplicate. You can also select which fields you'll be duplicating, which means that the info contained in those columns will also be copied as content of your project. The new project will automatically load when the duplication finishes and will appear in your projects list!

Pro-tip: In Standalone, you can use this feature to move a project from one workbook to another! The only field that will not necessarily be copied using this method will be the Assignee field, as you'll need to invite all the same users to the other workbook, prior to the duplication, for them to be copied. If not, you'll see the assignee field as Unassigned in the duplication.