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How to Create and Assign Tags to Your Tasks


Tags are an excellent way to keep your tasks organized. They are especially helpful when managing large projects that involve multiple groups of tasks. 

You can easily create tags in Instagantt by simply heading over to the Tags column. Choose a task and click on the Tags field. A pop-up window will appear, which will allow you to either search for tags or create new tags. Type the information and click on New tag. Your new tag will now be available on the tag menu going forward. 

Now that your project contains tags, it’s easy to locate certain tasks by filtering them. Simply click on the filter icon on the Tags column header, and this will enable you to filter through your project based on the tag assigned to the task.

Manage Tags in Standalone

Managing tags you've already created in Standalone is very easy! Just head to Projects, then click on Settings and head over to the Tags tab. From that tab you'll be able to manage all your tags and even create new ones!

Manage Tags in Instagantt for Asana

You can easily create new tags in Instagantt for Asana by following the steps explained in the first part of this article. But there's a high chance those tags could suffer modifications, so, how can you manage them after you've created them? Here's the answer: go to your Asana account, locate a task with the tag you want to manage and click on the tag. Then make any changes you'd like to that tag by clicking on the chevron icon next to its name, from changing its name to deleting it!