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Overview: metrics you frequently need to track


Managing your tasks and visualizing your projects just got easier, thanks to the Overview feature we have available in Instagantt’s main panel. We’re extremely excited about this feature, because we truly believe it is a great tool to monitor the progress of your projects as well as your team’s overall gantt chart progress. 

Overview works as a dashboard, and it gives you useful details about your projects -or group of projects- at a glance. Our new feature enables you to quickly visualize your timeline, your progress, and resources for each of your projects, allowing you to gain better visibility and to get a clear perspective on how your work is progressing. 

How to Access Overview

To access the new feature, simply select the Overview option from the top menu. By doing this, you will instantly see a different layout that will display useful -and summarized- information about your project.

First, you’ll notice the Timeline, which includes your project’s sections displayed next to their overall progress, which at the same time represents the progress of the tasks that pertain to each section.  

Below, you will be able to see information regarding your overall progress. By hovering over the curve, you’ll be able to check out how you have performed over the days and months, as well as to determine if your progress has behaved as expected over time, thanks to the real and expected progress view. Want to know something even cooler? You can load a baseline on top of your Progress graph to check all three curves combined!

Summarizing the Most Relevant Information

You will also be able to visualize summarized information regarding the total number of tasks, total estimated hours, current spent hours, as well as total and current costs associated with your project. 

Next to it, the dashboard will then show summarized information related to the status of your team and your resources. This is especially helpful when you need to get a quick glimpse of how your resources are allocated, which tasks are being completed, and who might be falling behind on their tasks. On a single project view, you'll see a timeline with a bar for each of your sections and how they interact between each other. You will also be able to select which color will represent your sections. 

Plus, there’s a handy “Copy to clipboard” option that will enable you to quickly copy and paste your timeline into any document in order to share it with your team, clients, or stakeholders.

Pretty useful, right? Additionally, when managing different projects in a single folder, Overview will summarize every project into the timeline, as well as the overall progress of each one. Other visualization options will allow you to choose between a compact or extended layout for the projects inside the folder and the color that will represent each one in the timeline.

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