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Sync Your Task Comments From Asana to Instagantt

Task Comments Sync from Asana to Instagantt

Asana, one of the best task management tools out there, has always been about one main thing: offering a platform for team collaboration and work management, focusing on helping teams manage projects and tasks by specifying responsible parties, calendars, timelines, and deadlines.

Asana likes to help teams collaborate in one place, so they can focus on reaching their goals and managing projects. When working with multiple team members from different departments, communication is easily one of the most critical aspects of the project’s success, after all, every little element is important and everyone should be informed as to how the project is going.

With this in mind, we are happy to announce that, if you are an Asana user, your team’s communication skills just got better. Because now, if your projects are connected to Instagantt for Asana Gantt Chart, when you create comments in any of your project’s tasks or subtasks in Asana, they will automatically sync to your Gantt chart, and you will be able to read and respond to the comments directly from your project in Instagantt. 

The comments you add from your task view in Instagantt will also sync to your tasks in Asana. This way, your work will stay organized and everyone will be on the same page, always.

Take a look: