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How to Customize Your Own Working Days

Custom Working Days

When scheduling a project, a project manager should consider many different factors that could potentially have an impact on a project. From how many team members are involved, to schedule factors, every little aspect should be considered when mapping out any given project, no matter how big or small it may be.

Here in Instagantt, we are fully aware of the complex scenarios project managers face on a daily basis, and we are eager to make their work a little easier, this is why we include Custom Working Days in our software. 

Manage your own specific working days

With this option, you will be able to create a customized work schedule for your team, according to your own needs. Many companies have specific work schedules, and this will become a perfect solution to project managers that need to set a custom workday schedule, that accommodates specific or predefined working days.

If you want to set Custom Working Days, just head over to Options on the top menu and click on Working Days. You will be prompted to select whether this will be a setting for just one specific project or your entire workbook. Always remember that the Projects workday settings will prevail over the settings for the Workbook. Then, select your custom working days from the list (from Monday to Sunday) and click on Close. The changes you’ve made will automatically reflect on your project’s view, allowing you to organize your team's work and understand how this will affect your progress in the long-run, by considering only your actual working days on which progress is made.

See Custom Working Days in action: