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How to Quickly Export Your Project’s Information as Image & PDF

PDF and Enhanced Image Export

Project management is all about collaborating and communicating. And sometimes, being able to share information on the go, is crucial. Especially when you are meeting with external teams, clients, or stakeholders.

With this in mind, we have improved our Image exporting options. Head over to the top menu of your Gantt chart, click on Export & Share options and choose Export as Image & PDF. 

You will notice an improved exporting experience: Extra days that were showing before and after your project dates have been removed, and you will also be able to choose to exclude the task list (sidebar). This is especially helpful when you wish to add them to keynotes or dashboards. 

By exporting your Gantt chart, you can create an image and use it for presentations, for printing, or simply for sharing with anybody involved in your project.