Instagantt University
Enable a Default View for your Project!

Default View

Projects are as diverse as project managers are! That's why in some occasions you may need to see the Gantt chart for one project, but for another project, due to its nature, it could be easier to check Board view! We know it's not easy to be toggling between views all the time, and it is time consuming for sure, that's why we have included a feature that will allow you to choose the best Default View for each of your projects, between Gantt, Board, Workload or Overview!

Just load a project, go to the top of the screen and look for the gear icon next to the project's name. There you'll find the option to "Set default view", that will allow you to choose between the different available views in Instagantt. See it in action:

Keep in mind that all the projects come with Gantt View as the default view.