Instagantt University
Learn to Use Templates in Instagantt!


We know that, sometimes, projects don't differ that much from one to the next. Some other times, having a basic skeleton of a project will help us build our project faster. That's why using templates is ideal to create or maintain the basic structure of a project and easily build the rest on top of it!

Templates are an incredible time saver, either with a default system one or your own! And since we know how priceless they are, we included both a Template Gallery and the possibility to use your own projects as templates. What!?

Template Gallery

To use a template from our gallery, head over to Projects, then click on the + icon and select "From Template". Browse through the gallery to find a template that fits your needs. You can even preview it! Once you find the one, select it and click Continue. Now simply select a new project name and start date, and that's it!

The Template gallery is only available on Instagantt Standalone. Instagantt for Asana users can visit Asana's template gallery to create projects from templates!

Custom Templates

We don't always need a default template for our projects and would rather use our own pre-exisiting project as a template. We got you covered! With that project loaded, head to the top toolbar and click on Duplicate Project. Setup the duplication, which will be your new project, select a new name, start date and Create it. You can choose to copy the information for all the fields by enabling them all, or reset all that information if you disable them.