Instagantt University
Learn How to Move Your Tasks Across Your Timeline

Move Tasks

Moving your tasks in Instagantt is very simple. There are two ways you can move your tasks:

  1. By using the drag & drop option: Simply select the task’s timeline and move it over to the new desired dates.

  1. By editing the date fields: Simply click on the start/due fields, and choose new dates from the calendar. Your timeline will change in real-time. Keep in mind that by changing the Start Date field, you'll need to confirm the Due Date as well, to let the software know if the task is just going to be moved or if the duration will change.

Remove Dates

Sometimes we need to reset the dates of task but we're still not sure of the new dates, so we may need to remove the dates of the task. To remove the dates, click on the name of the task and go to the Date field on the task details pane. Click on the three dots and select Remove dates. That's it! The dates of your task will be reset so you can enter new dates.